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I finished the four vendor scenarios with a party in the low 30's. I dl'd some senarios and tried A large Revolution which was too buggy. Next tried Druids. This scenario starts ok. I saved several times.

Unfortunately Druids eliminated my BoA save files including some scenario ends and places its saves on my desktop. BoA now points to those saves and there are no saves in the BoA directory.

Can I get Druids to save in the BoA folder and can I get my other save folder back?

I am running Windows XP with Norton Utilities and Go Back. The files should be in the recycle bin but since there is no valid directory I can't access them.

Any help? FYI I am older and completely non-techie on personal computers.
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Forgive me if this is too basic, but do you know how to choose folders in the thing that pops up when you select "Save As..."? If so, you can just choose a different save folder in that. You can do almost the same thing when choosing "Open" to load a saved game, if you can locate your old saves.

And by the way, the scenario has nothing to do with it. It's the application itself that is responsible for this.

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And BoA certainly didn't "eliminate" your old save files -- it just doesn't do that. If you remember what the files were called, search for them by name on your hard disk. Unless you've deleted them yourself (or someone else using your computer has done so), they'll still be where you originally saved them. (Possibly in My Documents or somewhere.)

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Thanks for the quick replies. And they helped me find them. The older saves are in the My Documents folder. Have no idea why Druid saves went to the desktop. I can move them to My Documents and search for the druid or gremlin which changed the save as path.

:) ;)
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