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AuthorTopic: weird BoA bug
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At some point in the Valley of Dying Things, outdoor signs stopped working for me. When I look at them, the text window at the bottom says "sign," but no message box pops up to tell me what the sign says.

I have Blades of Avernum v.1.1.1 running on Mac OS X.

Any ideas?
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probably something fragged the file responsible for the text in signs...back up your saved games and try to reinstall scenario

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Were you actually standing next to the sign while looking at it?

EDIT: Well, that's funny. I'm running v1.1.1 on OS X too, and outdoor signs don't work for me either! Must be a bug introduced in the new version.

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And this bug has propably found it's way to windows version - none of the outdoor signs work for me with my Windows XP....

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