BOE: Redemption ate my Hunter's Blade from Forsaken

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AuthorTopic: BOE: Redemption ate my Hunter's Blade from Forsaken
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My party has just slain Fred, the first angry bookshelf, in Redemption. As of today, when I load any save after a certain point in that scenario, the Hunter's Blade is gone from my inventory, though I never separated it from its wielder in any way, ever.

For this scenario I have
- a main save file just before going to bed in A&M's tower
- a save in the Boemen Camp
- three saves in the Murky Mine
- two saves in the dream tower, one before fighting Fred and one after.

Before today, I had the Hunter's Blade in all of them. Now only the Boemen Camp save still has it. Is there ANY way I can get it back?

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Play the Forsaken again..? ^^

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Put the sword in a friendly town, kill Fred the angry bookshelf, go back to the friendly town, wow, your sword is still there(hopefully).

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