Geneforge 2: Buggy Treasure Chest - Discovered my own mistake.

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AuthorTopic: Geneforge 2: Buggy Treasure Chest - Discovered my own mistake.
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Edit:Never mind, my stupid. It was the chest for THE mine key. Just got confused because I expected it to act like a normal loot place later.

Geneforge 2 v. 1.0.1 and 1.0 for PC, registered.

First, here is my save info.

I happen to be in the Western Mines, Southernmost interior corner, near the mine key, if I remember correctly. There is a chest with the shaper symbol on top, and when I put the pointer over it, the circle shows up as a valid target. However, when I click, I get no response. No treasure screen. No message below saying nothing found. No message saying I need more tools. I'm a bit peeved by this. Is it just me? Or does everyone own an unaffected Mac? Anyways, hoping someone can clarify this.

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Never mind

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