Please look at my problem in the...

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AuthorTopic: Please look at my problem in the...
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My problem is in the Avernum 3 section and is labeled something about a laser smite.

The Story
Tim (the Sorcerer) was walking out peacefully one day when..... ...he became ambushed by a pair of Mung Demons assisted by a Demon Golem. He had the stuffing beaten out of him and was left on the cold, dirt, road to perish. But then..... ... X came! And he attempted a healing spell. But it didn't work! So, X knew he wasn't going to make it(sniff). So, Tim's last words were "Toe" or something that sounded like it. So X thought that Tim wanted him to take his toe, as a token, for his departure. As X was ripping Tim's toe off with a Piercing Crystal, Tim began to moan, cry, and then.... he DIED! X then cried his eyes out(yeah right) and then left.
X was then really bored with the toe, then he decided to make it into a Xian item. He gave it the talking ability. And the Xian Toe lived happily ever after! The END!
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