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I placed an order online last night for Geneforge, but have, as yet, received neither an e-mail confirmation of the order or a registration code. Does it normally take several days to do this, or do I have to wait until the next business day? Or is this a sign that my card was rejected for some reason? Any info would be very helpful. Thanks.

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Spiderweb doesn't work on weekends. Wait till tomorrow.

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Originally posted by Schrodinger:
Spiderweb doesn't work on weekends. Wait till tomorrow.
Yah, I double-checked my receipt and figured it out. Guess I'm so used to automated ordering, that I sometimes forget that there are places still doing things manually. Thanks.

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Just out of curiousity, what time do the Geneforge orders by email get processed? I gave my mum the money, since she has a credit card, and she sent the order off over an hour ago.

I can be patient, I've waited this long anyway, but when should the reply come?

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There's no set processing time. It depends how busy Spiderweb is, how many other orders they've received, when they decide to check their email, and the alignment of the stars. You could already have your registration code emailed by the time I posted this, or it could take a week. Usually you'll get your codes in a day or two.

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