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AuthorTopic: Just browsing when...
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I was just looking around when A message popped up saying:FYI
Sorry, UBB has encountered an unexpected, fatal error. This error is extremely abnormal. Please contact the board administration. The error text is:

Can't open 'CGIPath/ubb/cache-(cache_pw)/ubb_files/forum_page/Forum11/forum11-1000.cgi'.

I was unable to find that file or directory. Please check the paths.

The exact error returned by the operating system is:
No such file or directory

I thought this was an abnormality, but it happened twice more! Thought I should report it!

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Probably just a portent of doomsday that we can't understand.

Seriously, though, it's probably nothing to worry about. Just some random error that will go away in time, time being now.

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UBB seems to be plagued by errors, especially when there are a lot of people browsing the boards. Unless the error comes back some more, or something serious results from it, it's probably best to ignore it.

—Alorael, who would be happy to see something other than yet another 500 Error.
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