Major A3 bug

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AuthorTopic: Major A3 bug
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Just as in A2, A3 often crashes when monsters launch arrows, rocks, whatever at my party, and sometimes when spellcasters target my party. It always happens when the person targeted is off the screen. I would really like to see this one fixed!

(Note: Running Windows 98 with A3 demo, A2 registered. No 3d effects card, sounds and all animations turned on, grid lines off. 256 RAM, 500 MB processor)

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This is not a bug I have gotten any reports of. I suspect that it is a graphics or sounds driver issue. Very frequently, reinstalling these fixes weird crashes like this.

Obviously, if this was a problem which numerous people were getting and I thought there was any chance it was a fixable bug, I'd have fixed it by now. :-)

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Well, I don't know if it's a hardware problem, or a bug, but I've got it too, just to let you know Jeff. I'll try reinstalling my hardware.

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