BoE-Win-Scenario: Election, problem with the save file

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AuthorTopic: BoE-Win-Scenario: Election, problem with the save file
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Whenever I want to start the "Election" scenario with the included "electpc.sav" file, BoE tells me that it's not an E2 save file. :confused: :confused: :confused:
What's wrong?

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Save files tend to become corrupted over the internet. You'll have to make the party for yourself with the editor.

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Election is made for a 1pc party. Give yourself the following - 0 food, 3 mage spells, 0 priest spells, about 30 sp, magically apt, Chronic disease, decent intelligence, low strength and hp, about 60 gold, some robes, a few low level potions (including one weak energy potion), and the name Vandell. Pick the blue mage graphic that is used for Adrianna in the pre-fab party. You should now be ready to play.

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