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AuthorTopic: Help with registration
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Last year I bought Exile 3 and i lost the game files but i have the paperwork with the registration number and code. Is there any way of getting the game registered without paying for it again???
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Do you have the CD?
Maybe you could contact them.
I forgot! Send a copy of it to them! Hopefully that will work.

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If you are on the same comp, registration remains, just redownload.

If you don't have the files in you system folder due to a reformating, then dl and contact spiderweb on the phone and see what linda can do.

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I thought you should contact Spidweb with the name you registered with, and they’ll give you a new code. But I looked over the docs for this information, and I couldn’t find it. Well, it’s worth a shot.

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I have had my hard drive erased multiple times, and Spiderweb has never had any trouble giving me a new password when I gave them a little bit of information (name, new serial number, etc). You can do it over the phone in two minutes.

—Alorael, who couldn't even find the old registration codes to prove that he had ordered before.
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