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AuthorTopic: Khyryk oddity
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For some reason Khryk sells me Kill and Major Heal as Shaping training, not magic. My Agent was happy with this deal, but I thought it was odd. Chalk it up to his 'eccentricity'?

It seems that in G3 you can still train twice in a skill after you have canistered it. This is good because in G2 you were tempted into some weird and tedious strategies to postpone canisters until after training. If you were really serious this even meant pushing yourself right through Outer Gazak-Uss at foolhardily low levels just so you didn't miss out on the training. While that was good for getting some adrenaline after you've beaten the game a few times, it didn't really make sense in the game world. (Puny Shaper runs gauntlet of deadly horrors on hunch that at the end there'll be a servile hermit with a really good Powerpoint show ...)

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Yeah, I really like that the player is able to train two levels before and after the canister. I don't remember seeing the spells/shaping thing with Khyryk. I'll check it out next time around.

Edit: I was also offered kill and major heal under shaping training. Oh well, at least it's there.

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Khyryk definitely did not offer my agent that deal. Weird.

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If your opinions are below 90, Khyryk will be more restrictive in what he teaches you.

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