An ACTUAL G3 Related Question

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AuthorTopic: An ACTUAL G3 Related Question
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I read Icshi's custom title with a whole different feeling, now.

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Originally written by Icshi:

Originally written by mark greenwood:

Wait a minute... it seems to me that all of us are already dying slowly and painfully... waiting for Geneforge 3!
Indeed. The cruelest form of punishment for any addict is to take away his supply of the substance in question. In our case, we require massive semi-annual doses of augmentation canisters administered digitally through a phone line. Our latest dose is way overdue, and we're slowly perishing. But being Brothers in Adversity we provide temporary solace for one another through repeated, increasingly inarticulate expressions of comiseration, and mutual threats... We're on the border of the danger zone here.

Here is a checklist issued by the FDA describing the symptoms of prolonged withdrawl, in chronological order of their occurence and rise of severity. As an example, and as a helpful indication of the general level in the community, I have checked which ones I have already fallen prey to.

Inability to think clearly <check>

Itchy pants <check>

Disproportionate susceptibillity to incorrectly labeled jests regarding the potential release date of GF3 <check>

Heart palpitations and spontaneous cardiac arrest <check>

Uncontrollable sobbing <check>

Hallucinations of a terrifying nature <check>

Violent behavior and scattershot threats <check>

Morbid discussion of mediavel (often ethnicity-specific) styles execution methods <check>

A pinching, aching pain behind the eyeballs from staring at the computer screen too long composing posts on the software bulletin board in a desperate attempt to make time pass more quickly <check>

Carpol-tunnel syndrome (associated with previous symptom) <check>

Despair. Deep, deep despair.<check> :( :(

And we all know what the cure is... It'd better hurry, things are getting serious.

have mercy jeff give it to us before it's to late :eek:
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Tear... each other... to pieces... Katana... sharp...Inferno 3... never going to show up... sanity... failing...

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Eh, we might as well have only one anxiety topic, and it might as well be the one with the more anxious-sounding title. All posts along the lines of "OH GOD WHEN WILL IT COME OUT I MAY DIE BEFORE THEN" are henceforth to be posted here.

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