Making Healing/energy/essence pools heal more

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AuthorTopic: Making Healing/energy/essence pools heal more
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Changing the number pools heal you is a very simple process, of course thats coming from me. Now i dont know if this is old or not but since i didnt see anything on it i decided to post it. All you have to do is go into the files for geneforge (2) and press 'Data' then scroll down untill you find 'scripts' (its not that far down), click on it. You will see lots of files named '.txt'. Search for 'healpool.txt' and click on it. It should be a short file. Find 'heal_nearby(25,2,0) there will be two so scroll down to the next one and change it to the same number of first one. Change the '25' into any number you want (DO NOT PUT LETTERS) and go to 'file' then 'save'. For the energy poll changing go back into 'script' file and find energypool.txt (shoudnt be very far away from healpool.txt). Scroll down to were it say's 'restore_energy_nearby(25,25,2,0). Change the first two '25s' to whatever number you want, then press 'file' and 'save'. You see? Very simple. I had to explain it like that because some people are shall we say to computers. Post if Doesnt work, and post if it does work and give thanks. (P.S. After you have done that just start up the game and go near an energy or heal pool and see if works.) :)

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