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AuthorTopic: Gazak-uss
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Can someone tell me ware to find all three pieces of the crystal to get into inner Gazak-uss. I completely wiped out the takers, and only found one.
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A simple search will tell you the answer. For more precise instructions, look at the FAQ in the header to this forum.

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Okay, I know I suck, please help. I have 2/3 from holding and shaping. I looked at the searth and the FAQ, but there is no exact location listed. :confused:
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Check Geneforge.

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Check out a great source for information on Avernum 2, Nethergate, and Subterra: Zeviz's page.
Finally, there's my Geneforge FAQ, Geneforge 2 FAQ, and
Geneforge 3 FAQ.
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Thank you, i finaly found :D
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