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AuthorTopic: GURPS: Geneforge
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One of the things I enjoy most about spiderweb software games is the storylines. The emphasis on choice, morals, and interesting background stories is what I believe makes their games different, better.
This is also why Geneforge would have to be my favorite series: I think the world it is set in has the most potential for interesting stories and situations.
I don't know how many tabletop roleplayers subscribe to these boards, but I'm hoping there are a few.
Does anyone out there know of anyone who's tried to run an RPG set in the world of Geneforge? Personally, I plan on creating a Geneforge setting for the GURPS system to run with a few friends.
To keep the computer game exciting, it has to be set in the backwaters of Shaper civilisation, a place where rampant violations of the harsh Shaper laws are possible for anything more than a short period of time (though I suppose we have to see what #3 brings). But with a table top RPG, the game could be set easily in a large shaper city, and get into intrigue and really flesh out the story in a way that can't happen in a computer game.
So in case you hadn't guessed, I think an pen and paper RPG version of Geneforge would be a great idea. They did it for Myth: The Fallen Lords, which also had a pretty cool storyline, but Geneforge's is better.
Obviously I'm not gonna try to give Jeff business advice, but an official GURPS: Geneforge would be pretty neat...

In short: If you have any ideas for the wider world of Geneforge feel free to post them here so I can use them in my game, or just so we can discuss what we think the wider world would be like.

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I'd say it's a pretty good idea. :)
remember, this game was kind of like a test, so it was created by trying to make each aspect of the game different from all of the others, which turned out great. Now, just wait until Blades 0f Geneforge. :P

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