Those Islands must be green!

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AuthorTopic: Those Islands must be green!
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Anyone else have an obsessive compulsion to finish every last area of every island? I'm now on Gull Island and all the ones I've been to so far have been completely cleared. (Ah, the joys of 16 Intelligence.)

My shaper always ends up insanely powerful with lots of leadership and mechanics. It's hilarious when my drayk with fully upgraded dexterity and strength goes at it. (Warped Spawner misses (0%)) I'm a one creation kinda guy. At least, until my intelligence hits 20, anyway.
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Yup. Like to see them all green. With the Island system it's easier. In GF1/2 I was mad as hell (but taking it more) when I saw the map and saw those tempting, fun making, condescending red regions. Hah Hah you can't explore me. Hah hah (evil Nelson laugh)


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