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1) How do you get into the building in shath's waste that has four doors?
2) Where do you get three points of CREATE DRAYK ?
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1. Go into the room where Shath is(it's in the north central part of the level), and pull the lever there. All of the four doors will now open when you get close to them.

2. You can get five points in Create Drayk in the game without cheating. Phariton(Phariton's Hall) and Fenen(Radiant College) will teach you how to do it up to a maximum of two points. There's a canister in Barzahl's room in Rising, which is only accessible to Barzites. Another is in the SE corner of Zhass-Uss Outskirts, which is guarded by a drakon and a rothgroth. There's also a point you can pick up in the Radiant College besides what you can get from Fenen, but I don't remember where it is offhand.

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