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AuthorTopic: ancient crypt
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i am completely lost here. how can i navigate through the ancient crypt? none of the spore rods seem to effect the mines, and they are too powerfull just to walk through.
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Diffuse the nearby crystals. You won't be able to do so if you don't have enough mechanics (~11), in which case you'll have to skip this area.

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Check out a great source for information on Avernum 2, Nethergate, and Subterra: Zeviz's page.
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I havn't personally tried this, but in theory it might work.
You can cast unlock to loosen spore switches, I have done that before, so theoretically it could also be done to these crystals.
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oh right. im retarded. i never even tried to diffuse the crystals.


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I just tried using Unlock and it worked from quite a distance on every crystal in range. I was trapped and it saved me.

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All that nailbiting time defusing, and I could have just Unlocked?


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