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so i downloaded the geneforge demo, loved it. its maybe the best story i have ever found in a computer game.
my question is to anyone not affiliated with spiderweb software (who wouldnt profit from this):
is it worth it to spend the 25$ for the full version? how much am i missing with just the demo?

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Were to start?
How about the conspiracy, the escape, the power, the enemies, the creations, the multiple endings.

Well it's an even better idea to buy Geneforge & Geneforge 2. & Geneforge 3, whenever that comes out, I'm buying it.

Geneforge & Avernum 3 are the reasons I bought the Avernum trilogy & Genforge 1&2.

BTW I'm from New Zealand, so how further can you get from being employed by SS.

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Whew, a newbie responding to a newbie.

GF1 is pretty good. Going all the way into the island was a fun experience. I think it's worth it to buy the whole game. Finding out what the Geneforge is, actually meeting certain interesting people... yeah, it was exciting, I think. Geneforge 2 was better in terms of gameplay, but I think GF1 had a better plot.

By the way, since Spiderweb has only three employees, they all post under the name Spidweb (member #1). They pretty much don't read these boards at all. So anyone you see here has no financial connection to the company.

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thanks yall.
i wanted to make sure that i wasnt wasting my money on something that i would get bored of, but now im really excited.
geneforge really impressed me, even in the demo, by how it managed to change my perspective on things i thought i knew.

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