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I completed the first test, got the bracelet, and I want to do the other test(s) so I can get the gemstones for the bracelet, but when I ask the servant mind what other tests are available to me, he simply tells me "I cannot say any more on the subject". This is getting quite frustrating, please help.

[Edit] Nevermind, I'm an idiot. Please ignore this post.

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what did you do? I'm a level 32 and still can't get the second part, and it's driving me nuts

I, too, am an idiot...I didn't have the bracelet with me the first time I tried it

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ask the mind for the second test, go into the room below him to get the bracelet, go to the only room you havent been in before (NE in the training complex), step on the rune kill the golems, go back to the room you got the bracelet in step on the rune and viola a gemstone in the bracelet, at lvl 32 you should be able to pass the first few easily.

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