locked out in inner tunnels (first isle)

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AuthorTopic: locked out in inner tunnels (first isle)
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Here's the deal, I SUPPOSEDLY already picked up the brass ring from the dead body in the inner tunnels, but when I try to unlock the northernmost door it says it's locked... in a moment of desperation I even tried to use the xp cheat to get my mechanics skill high enough to pick it but I didn't want to lvl past 10 to do it.

Also of note I screwed up by leaving so the autosave is long gone for that zone. I'll invest another few hours to get back to that point but I'd rather not and I hope the game isn't buggy throughout the rest.
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i presume you mean the inner mines... and if so, i must be missing something... because as far as i can tell, you don't need a key to exit the level, you only need a key if you want to open all the doors and go through the extra parts (which i don't recall being anything spectacular, except the storage room).

anyways, if you just want to leave the zone, and it won't ruin your game to just disappear from it, i believe the exitzone cheat should get you out. never used it myself, but my understanding is that it clears the zone as well as bringing you to the map screen...
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Using exitzone will take you out of the area, but since it is a sublevel you'll end up outside of the academy instead of the map screen.

Edit: exitzone only removes you from the area, and does not clear it (it will still be red on the map).

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