playing as an agent and creations

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AuthorTopic: playing as an agent and creations
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i've started the game as an agent....what about creations..should i make just a couple or many.

thank you
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depends. you will have the essence available for it, but you will have to buy the skills to be able to create anything, which will be rather expensive

probably, at the beginning at least, i would say stick to just you. (by beginning, i mean until you find alwan/greta, and take one or both of them. ie, the very, very early part of the game) eventually, you will see your shaping abilities improve, and as that happens you might consider having a couple of creations, but probably not that many (although, i suppose you certainly could have a lot of creations if you want).

probably your best bet overall, i would guess, is to almost exclusively use alwan and greta (they will get to be rather impressive). you will find out about them shortly. you can also get a couple of temporary helpers while you are early in the game, so you don't need to worry too much about it.

but, like i said... it all depends on your playing style. personally, i like shapers anyways, so i always have a ton of creations. but that's just how i personally do it. agents play a lot different.
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