Infested Pathway

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AuthorTopic: Infested Pathway
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Something I find interesting in this area: Although I have asked for help, I didn't pick the creatures up and as a result found that the rogues rose from the swamp twice.
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as i understand it, the thahds show up no matter what, every time you go through the area.

i dunno about you, but i don't believe i was even getting XP for them the second time i went through, so i don't bother with them personally. although i suppose it could be that they were supposed to give me XP, and it didn't happen, or that i just missed where i gained XP (which i consider unlikely, but not impossible).
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I believe there are several places in the game where walking through generates the rogues. In other words, they will be there everytime you go through.

I've been through several times and gained some experience each time although it's less each time I go through there.
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