need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AuthorTopic: need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My brother has recently bought me Geneforge 3 from one of his friends and this guy didn't give him the cd key one more time because they had a fight. So i'm stuck. can someone give me a new cd key. please!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :(
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Look, fyorna, you've been told this before, so now I will warn you: asking for registration keys on this forum is a Banning offense. You say you've bought the game before, so all you need to do is contact Spiderweb and tell them the name you purchased the game under (and possibly a little more information — they'll let you know if so) and they'll give you a new key.

Stop spamming, and stop asking for registration keys, or you'll get banned.

If you need further instruction about this, I suggest you post in your original topic on the matter.

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