Northwest corner of Crumbling Lab

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AuthorTopic: Northwest corner of Crumbling Lab
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One nice thing about GF3 is that there are several maps which are filled with rubble, which can often be cleared. Examples include Darkstone Mine, where it gives you access to an anvil, and the first 2 map areas, which clear up (partially) after a few days. (incidentally, you can go back to the first map to pick up a few minor goodies)

But my question is regarding Crumbling Lab on Gull. There is a section in the NW corner which is blocked off, and you can even see a door in that section. Is it ever possible to unblock that section and open the door?
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Yes, if you restore Agatha to power in Stonespire, golems clean up Crumbling Lab, and you can get to that door. There are some minor useful items inside (I forget exactly what).

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If you free Agetha and the other Shapers she will send a Golem to clear out the rubble.
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