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AuthorTopic: Lankan
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I gave lankan the canister before i could ask if he would do what Diwaniya asked for forgiveness.

Any body know how i can undo that mistake?

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When you go to his fort I believe he just take the canister. You should ask him before getting the canister.

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If you want to keep your options open, simply avoid speaking to him until you are ready to decide whether you support shapers or rebels. (I left Harmony Island without speaking to him.)

(*SPOILER below*)

I was never able to convince him to apologize and submit to punishment even when I've already destroyed source of rogues and had leadership 12. So you didn't miss much by being unable to ask him to consider it.

(*end Spoiler*)

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Lankan won't do what Diwaniya wants anyways.
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Thanks Guys!!!
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