Appreciation with [SPOILERS]

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AuthorTopic: Appreciation with [SPOILERS]
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The idea is to have a thread to point out things in G3 you like, without the subject line giving anything away at all. Since I'm not going to finish the game for a while, I'm not actually going to read this thread for a while.

So, my contributions:

That Venemous Artila was an elusive bastard. Just as he got low, he'd take off, and by the time I fought my way through a few more normal Artilas, he was back to full health. Well done, I thought.

I made the mistake (as I now think it was) of picking up the small, nasty canister in the San Ru tunnels. Then when I went to the rebel camp, it kept revealing itself and getting me into trouble. I had to enter combat mode immediately after clicking out of the dialog to escape it. Only by doing that could I manage to leave without either fighting the rebels or turning their leader into a monster. This is the main thing that gave me the feeling that I was walking a razor's edge to stay neutral.

Best thing so far, I think: chasing Master Hoge. I don't know what happens if you just let him run; maybe it comes to the same thing. But I had the impression that I was getting more info out of him only because I dodged his Clawbugs and clung to his tail. Took a couple of save-loads to do this, though, because the first couple of times he baked me with Aura of Flames before spilling any beans. Maybe that was only because I (ineffectually) attacked him, though.

I also really liked that I could choose whether to give the dusty notes to the refugee or the creepy tavern alchemist. Turns out you can get the alchemist's full reward just for a handful of living tools, while the refugee's seems to be quite a bonus (speed items are my favorite). That was good, because I felt like the alchemist was an arrogant jerk like my insufferable shaper teachers, while the refugee was a self-reliant fighting magician trying to save civilians from the rogues, like me.

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