*SPOILER* - how to edit your money

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AuthorTopic: *SPOILER* - how to edit your money
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Hey, was fed up with other people's trainers not working for me. The only thing I wanted to "cheat" in was reducing inventory hassle to a minimum. I hate to spend real time in a game lugging around hundreds shovels and robes only so I can buy myself a creation.

If you feel like me, open up:


find the line: change_coins(100);

edit the 100 to any amount you like, 30000 is the maximum amount of gold you can have at any one time.

start a new game (or continue yours if you have not done that quest yet)

go and finish the artila quest the shopkeeper in the fort kendi bar gives you

you can insert this code into other quest rewards too, making sure your purse always stays full.

Hope this will safe you some time, while actually adding to the enjoyment of the game, and not detrimenting from it. It's your responsibility though ;-)

Have fun


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Thank you for posting this i hope it works :) :) :) :) :)

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We don't usually revive threads older than a week without having something of value to add. If it helped you or is what you were looking for, then why not just use it and leave the thread where it is?

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well if bomber didn't, I wouldn't have read it, good job bomber.

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