Is this a glitch? -- **Talking about the later game**

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AuthorTopic: Is this a glitch? -- **Talking about the later game**
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I just reached the geneforge, as a shaper allied with the rebels: I have been doing rebel missions such as help rebels on swamp island, repairing the creator, killing the shaper on gull island, and finally being told to meet Litalia and the drakon in the Geneforge.

When I get there, Litalia greets me and tells me to visit the drakon. However, immediately after ending that conversation she starts a new one beginning "she looks with pity on one she knows she must destroy" or something like that and then kills me. Is this a glitch or do I have to kill Litalia?
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It is a glitch, but nothing bad happens plotwise if you kill her anyway.

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Edit: What Thuryl said.

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