Helping everyone...or no one.

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AuthorTopic: Helping everyone...or no one.
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So, I'm playing and I'm on Dhonal. On the first island I killed the Creator thing, on the second island I helped the rebels and gave Lankan the canister.

Also, most (but not all) of my answers have been pro-freedom/anti-shaper status quo. Now on Dhonal Litalia said to fix the machines and that if I did something to hurt her cause again I would not be forgiven.

Then I helped Lord I-can't-remember-his-name by talking to the drakon (I said research and then kill) and by freeing the general. Does that count as betraying Litalia? Can I still fix the machines and join the rebels or must I be a loyal shaper now?
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The servile that was sent to meet with you when you first arrived on Dhonal's Island said it is okay for you to help the Shapers and undo their work, if it helps you fix the Creator. The Rebels will be very happy if you fix the Creator.

Your last chance to pick a side is on Gull Island (the next island).
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