I killed a hostile Drakon and now Icy End hates me?

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AuthorTopic: I killed a hostile Drakon and now Icy End hates me?
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(spoilers later on)

I went to do the "Destroy shaper cache" quest for vrabel. When I entered the area and went a bit north, there was a hostile drakon that spoke to me and then attacked. I had no other dialogue choice but the one threating him. I killed him and now icy end hates me.

Is there a way to fix this or am I screwed? I'm aligned with the rebels. I have a save from last night, but it's before I even entered the prison after you attempt to kill Rahul.
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Back up your save file, and then go into Geneforge 3. Press the Shift and D keys simultaneously, and then type in 'sdf 79 4 0'

Killing Khossos doesn't make Icy End hostile, but entering the cave he's guarding does.

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