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That missile weapons are so strong now?

As I have mentioned, starting out, a javelin does more than a bronze sword. A javelin has a higher minimum damage, a higher top end, and a better average damage.

From my observations, you also seem to get better damage returns from pumping dexterity and the missile skill than you do for pumping melee and strength. There is a wider variety of damage types for missiles too... From magical to physical damage, cold to fire. For highly resistant foes, it's easy to swap out to something that they are not resistant to. Not only do you get damage and to hit from dexterity, but at higher levels of dexterity you become damn hard to hit. At the end of my Guardian run, most Golems had a 1% chance to hit me.

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Well, missile weapons have one major drawback that melee weapons don't: they run out. While you have convinced me this isn't such a big problem, it IS still a drawback. Javelins in particular deserve to be better than melee weapons since they are so heavy, as opposed to, say, thorns and batons, which are fairly plentiful and easy to cart around.

Also, missile weapons don't get extra attacks from Quick Action.

Finally, there are some situations where not having a melee weapon already equipped is a disadvantage -- say you get stunned to 5 AP and your target runs up next to you.

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