G3 - Bug at the end?

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AuthorTopic: G3 - Bug at the end?
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So, I finished the pro-Shaper storyline, and Rahul tells me to go to a ship at the docks of the west gate of Fort Dhonal. But I go there, and everything's the same. No ship. What's the deal?
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Are you sure you're at the right docks? The ones you want are in the Keep West Gate zone, right next to the boat that takes you to Fort Kentia.

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Yup. Head to Dhonal Keep West zone and check out the docks at the north part of the map. There will be one boat there that will "take you to the mainland" (e.g. finish the game). I believe you will activate it just by getting close to the correct dock.
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I remember being stuck on this part, too. I thought it was talking about the docks to go to Gull Island. :rolleyes: Anyway, the game wasn't very clear about it.

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