Cannisters in G3

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AuthorTopic: Cannisters in G3
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I didn't keep count of the number of cannisters I used in G3. Not a lot, there a place to look to see cause there are some very tempting ones on Gull Island.

Thanks in advance

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No place to look that I know of. Since you are on Gull Island there are several areas where serviles will be instantly hostile to you if you've used too many canisters and you may be able to use this as a litmus test of sorts.

Finally you can always cheat and reset the number of canisters you have used to zero by hitting shift+D and then typing without quotes "sdf 100 4 0".

Personally I tried to stave off on canister use through my first playthrough (since most are geared towards magic users/shapers and I was a Guardian) but overdid them anyway. As the game says, those canisters are very tempting indeed! Overall though, besides getting you into some fights the writing at the end changes only slightly if you've used all the canisters or none. I'd recommend playing through the game as you want, reading the canister ending and then using the cheat code to read the one "without" the canisters.
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Cool. Thanks for writing back. I didn't know about the cheat code. This is the first Geneforge game I have purchased and I am finding the moral decisions a dilemma. Quite interesting for a computer game!
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