Has Jeff neglected the Eyebeasts/Gazers

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AuthorTopic: Has Jeff neglected the Eyebeasts/Gazers
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From Melancon Eye:

text1 = "_I came from foul Zhass-Uss, where the foul Takers made me. They make my kind. Very few of us, for we are difficult to create. And then I was cast out._";

From Thot-Tha:

question = "Barzahl designed you?";
text1 = "_Barzahl's eyes saw the spark, the idea. But it was the Takers who created me. They are mighty._";

The drakons are encountering the same problems Shapers have with drayks: Gazers and eyebeasts are created rogue. Later in the Geneforge series, it is revealed that drakons cannot control powerful, rogue creations (Monastery Caves, Inner Gazak-Uss). This could be a reason why the Barzites did not pursue creating gazers and eyebeasts with the same intensity as the Takers.

Because of their rogue tendency, gazers and eyebeasts are far and few in-between. They are too independent and too few to become a force to challenge the drakons. The gazers are content with the power they have.

Again from Thot-Tha:

text2 = "_But I did not care for their madness and their desire to destroy Shapers. I do not fear you, Shaper, but I see no reason why I must fight with you. That is why I came south to help the Barzites._";

Would you want an ally dedicated to your cause entirely, or one who makes the aforementioned statement?
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But then why don't they use rogue creation against the shapers and the drakons ?
Even so, drakons would be more active because they want revenge against the shapers on one side and on a other they would have to beat up gazers making them more active and efficient at kicking butts .

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Originally written by upon mars:

Yeah but i think that gazers are not so in involved in battle because they didn't suffer an extermination like the drakys did which are determined to crush shapers to a certain point therefore more active against the shapers.
Only problem I have with that is that in G4 (can't remember if it is mentioned in other Geneforges) one of the Gazers that you meet says that "they" do not like Shapers because their kind is Barred. ;)

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