Quest on shaping canisters

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AuthorTopic: Quest on shaping canisters
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I'm playing an agent and am currently wandering around the second island. I wondered if there are any canisters or spellbooks (or NPCs) out there that provide training in the base shaping skills (e.g. fire, magic, etc.). I want to be able to make a creation, but don't want to waste any skill points if I'll happen to stumble upon a fire shaping canister soon.

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There are no canisters, books, or trainers for Fire Shaping in the game except for using your skill points to increase your skill.

There is one book for Battle Shaping, which is in the Darkstone Mine.

There are two books for Magic Shaping; they are in Dhonal's Keep and the Darkstone Mine.

Both Dhonal's Keep and the Darkstone Mine are on Dhonal's isle, which is the third in the chain.

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There -are- however a handful of items which will increase your Shaping stats. Off the top of my head, there's a necklace, a robe, and the bracelet from the testing grounds.

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