Weird bug on Isle of Spears

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AuthorTopic: Weird bug on Isle of Spears
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This weirdness starts small, but it grows.

I killed Drixiss as soon as I stepped off the boat on the Isle of Spears. (Quite a cool surprise to be challenged by such a formidable enemy right at the dock.) But I didn't meet Swanwick's party at the south edge of that screen. I only found them later when I found my own way to their Besieged Camp.

Then, much later, I happened to enter that eastern dock screen from the south, and I ran into Swanwick and friends, telling me to hurry south after them to get warm.

Okayyyy ... but then immediately there pops up a conversation with the Mage that is with Swanwick. It's his picture and name 'Mage' at the top, but his lines are those spoken by the late Drixiss when he met me at the dock to the north several days before. We repeat that dialog, which is now quite surreal. The dialog ends, and the Mage is hostile. The other Shapers baton the Mage after he zaps them, so I help them out with a couple of Kills on their poor deranged comrade. When the Mage is dead, Swanwick and the others immediately leave to the south.

Then when I get back to the Besieged Camp after running a few errands, the shapers are all hostile to me, presumably for attacking their Mage.

I guess the strain of being besieged on the Isle of Spears just got to everyone. Fortunately I had a fairly recent save file, so I just went back to it, and avoided re-entering the dock screen from the south.

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