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Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, though I have been playing the Avernum Series for the past 4 years! I have meddled with the editor for quite a while now and have ultimately got down to designing a small ( 4 town, 2 dungeon ) scenario.

The basic storyline is about the Empire colonising an island and the consequent struggle with the native tribes. For this, I would like to have different character graphics for the villagers of the native tribes and that of the empire villagers.

Initially I thought of using the apprentice mage graphic for all native villagers (and stating in the scenario something like "The natives wear yellow robes.") But I would like to get some alternative villager graphics [both male and female]for them.

None are available at Louvre. And I definitely don't want to use colour swaps of the existing graphics, in this case.

So, can anyone please help me out here? Ofcourse, I can use the apprentice mage graphic, if there's no other way. But that would somehow not fit in the scenario.
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I'm designing a scenario in a similar setting, so such graphics would be of interest to me as well. I was going to wait until my scenario was nearer completion to put out a call for graphics, but since you need them made anyway...

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