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I have my very own Rhapsody-style scenario titled "Eye of the Storm". It has been under construction for... four and a half years, including a port to Blades of Avernum prior to the release of the BoE version that is now never going to be finished. Neither is the BoA version, but hey.

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I spent a few hours on design work. It raised a question though. Is there any method to raise or lower large areas from within the 3d editor? I'm trying to work with height, and it seems difficult when done on a square by square basis.

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The tool right before the Fill Rectangle (Hollow) tool will change the height of rectangles.

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Thanks Kel

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Just started to play around with the Editor a couple of days ago. Once I get the hang of it, I might create a few small scenarios.

On a similar note: I wasn't planning on creating huge, sweeping worlds; rather, on making a few one-town scenarios that others can drop into their own scenarios as stand-alone dungeons. (The first idea I'm going to be working on is an alternative to Warrior's Grove). Just wondering if there are any like-minded lurkers out there; maybe an new topic could be started on dungeon ideas.
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