When are scripts loaded?

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AuthorTopic: When are scripts loaded?
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I have been playing around with modifying corescendata.txt in the Avernum files. The reason? In all of the Avernum series (1-3 and now Blades), I have never once seen a spider throw webs. Supposedly they have the ability (cr_special_abil = 5), but I have never, ever seen them use it.

Examining the scripts in corescendata.txt I suspect it is because they have the melee AI. So, I wanted to change the default spider behavior to archer/caster, which is what it was in the Exile series (and the reason why spider rooms were some of the most deadly encounters ever).

I changed the file and loaded a default game (in VoDT) where I was about to enter a spider room. Nothing happened. Spiders still run into melee, making them boring, flavorless monsters.

Now, I know the file is being loaded, because I misspelt cr_default_strategy the first time, and hence it would not process my saved game. After fixing the spelling mistake, the game loaded perfectly. But the changes did not register.

So, what's the issue here? Will script changes only load each time you start up a new scenario, with mid-scenario being ignored? Or can we not make global changes in corescendata.txt (Spiders need to be fixed, dammit)?
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They're loaded when the scenario is created, AFAIK. Also, the monster's behavior script will affect this too.

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See Chapter 2.1.5 Dealing With Errors (page 79) of the BOA Editor manual.

"Reloading Scripts." -- describes your problem directly.

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If you were to **read** the docs -- it said NOT to ever modify the corescendata.txt file nor another core*.txt file. Only Jeff can do this, via updates to Advernum.

You should have used a 'custom object' file -- plase read the docs about it.

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Actually, I think the warning not to modify those files was more of "you shouldn't, and there's no reason to" rather than "you can't".

Unless JV uses some strange backup method for it, there shouldn't be any technical problems with modifying the core files - it's just that, from what I've read, there's no reason you'd want to for your scenario, as it would create needless incompatibility in exchange for nothing.

Therefore, um, I see no reason why he can't modify giant spider AI in the core file.

ADDENDUM : Try modifying it in a single scenario data file first. JV telling us whether or not he's using some strange backup method would work, too.

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