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Does anyone if an item list exists for BoE? I know about the one for Avernum III, but the item #'s are slightly different. All I need is the number for a Piercing Crystal, but I figured other people would want to know about item lists...
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Item 326.

Find the file corescendata2.txt and look there.

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You also posted "BoE", not "BoA", which leads me to believe you've been observing the community for some time now, which is why I won't tell you that you've posted this in the wrong forum, and also leads me to believe that you simply placed an "E" in the place of an "A".

And the Piercing Crystal can be given using the editor without actually typing in its number. Of course, it's not available in the unregistered version, which I'm assuming you're running.

The point: REGISTER BoA!

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