New 3D Editor Release

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For Mac Users:

v1.0.2b6 -
(Thanks to Khoth for building it, and thanks to Linthar for testing it.)

Fixes the bug in OS X 10.4 that makes the program crash after closing a dialog box.

For Both Windows and Mac Users:

v1.0.2b6/Windows beta test release4 -

Fixes the Contained/Not Contained bug. Now an item that is on the same spot as a container does not neccessarily have to be contained.

Get it here.

Concerning the Remake (for programmers):

The project organization has been changed a little. The cross platform/non-gui elements of the remake have been extracted and put into a static library in the CVS module: BoALib. It's not complete, but it should help anyone who wants to create editing tools. Also, a bakefile is included in the CVS release.

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