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AuthorTopic: Item code list
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Do anyone know the different codes to get items with the BoA Editor? I am mostly looking for the code to get invulnerablely potion.
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I don't know it, but I would like to have the full list.

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Invulnerability potion is item 226. That thing in BoA Files (if you're on a Mac -- probably in BoA Data on a PC, but I'm not sure) called corescendata2.txt is a list of all the items. It is rather hard to follow if you don't know how to script, but you can at least get item names and numbers easily enough.

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It's in the "Data" folder on PC, which is inside the folder where BoA is installed.

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Much better: Erik Westra made the BoA Editor Cookbook. From pages 70 to 79 (in PDF version) you can find a list of all items, with their graphic and number.

A similar list existes for all creatures/NPCs.

You can get the link in my site (check my signature).

You should really pay attention to Erik's work. It's excelent indeed.

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