Beta testers wanted for cross-platform script editor

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AuthorTopic: Beta testers wanted for cross-platform script editor
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I've made a BoA script editor in Python, and it needs testing. It should theoretically run on Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux, and any other platform that Python runs on. I've only tested it on Windows, though.

I know a script editor isn't nearly as flashy as, say, a 3D version of the main BoA editor (to pick a random example out of the air)... but I've been finding it much easier to use than a generic text editor. The syntax highlighting and calltips alone make a dedicated script editor worth it, in my opinion; I've been using this myself for a while, and it's quite a bit more convenient.

Being programmed in Python, it is completely open source; and as Python itself and the two independent libraries I'm using (wxPython and PyXML) are open source too, you'll be running on completely open software. Just in case you cared. :)

To run it, you will need the following programs and Python libraries installed:

- Python:
- wxPython:
- PyXML:

The editor (called "AvernumScript editor", imaginatively enough) has the following features:

- Multiple files open at once
- AvernumScript-specific syntax highlighting
- Calltips that display, when appropriate, both the syntax of function calls and their descriptions
- Auto indent (keeps the indentation from the previous line) and smart indent (automatically adjusts indentation as you type)
- Word wrap, templates, full find/replace and undo/redo capabilities, and a whole bunch of other little features
- If a string is over 254 characters (the limit), the characters that are over the limit display in bold dark red to let you know there's a problem, making it really easy to catch those annoying "String too long" errors before you get them.

Planned features include syntax checking (probably by using Khoth's script checker), spell checking for strings, a reformatting tool to fix indentation and such, the option of saving in different line ending formats, and preferences.

Anyways, to the point: It needs testing, especially on Mac. Any volunteers? Please provide your email address, operating system (MacOS, Windows, etc.), operating system version (MacOS 9/X, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, etc.), and a rough indication of your hardware specs. Thanks!

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Looks interesting. I've announced it in my site.

Which one is to download?

PyXML-0.8.3.win32-py2.1.exe 853686 1475 i386 .exe (32-bit Windows)
PyXML-0.8.3.win32-py2.2.exe 854912 3321 i386 .exe (32-bit Windows)
PyXML-0.8.3.win32-py2.3.exe 856860 11189 i386 .exe (32-bit Windows)

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Depends on your version of the Python interpreter, I think. Or those are just different parts/versions of the library.

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Yes, it depends on what version of Python you have installed. If you just chose the latest version of Python, that'll be the one for version 2.3 (PyXML-0.8.3.win32-py2.3.exe).

Sorry about the unhelpful Sourceforge-driven downloads, but I can't really do much about that. :(

Don't forget that if you want the actual script editor, you have to provide email address and the other details I asked for. :)

Edit: No need to announce it yet, really, seeing as it's only in beta testing at the moment. But whatever. :)

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If I get the time to install all the libraries, etc., put me down for the testing. morgan @ (remove spaces).
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