Item drops and creature levels

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AuthorTopic: Item drops and creature levels
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I have two questions pertaining to creature alterations. Firstly, does the game have "built-in" drops of weapons/armor for certain creature types, like soldiers? I noticed that none of the Spiderweb scenarios gave generic soldiers drop items, but they tend to leave their swords and armor behind when you kill them. Do these drop items change with the level of the creature?

Secondly, I am having some difficulty with set_creature_type_level. The levels of the creatures in the editor menu remain unchanged, even though my scenario script has no problems. I also noticed that in some scenarios, like "Diplomacy with the Dead", the level that certain creatures are set to with set_creature_level_type in the scenario script are different from the levels listed in the editor's menu. Why is this?

Any help on either of these topics would be much appreciated.
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As for the first, I believe the items dropped relate to the items given in the creature's object script (either in corescendata or in the scenario's custom object script -- ie sliths will drop slith spears because they are given slith spears in corescendata).

For the second, the editor only reads the custom objects script. BoA will react to the scenario script, but the editor doesn't read it at all. If you want the levels to show up in the editor, use cr_level in your custom objects script.

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The set_creature_type_level() call only takes affect when you load the scenario, so its affect isn't shown in the scenario editor.

Items that the creature had before it died are what are dropped. The default items that you are describing are part of the huge script that defines all the original monsters, items, floors, and terrain.

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