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When I use the print_big_str_color call, it says that I have used an unknown function. Does anyone have a script that has this call and works? I am using the Windows version, though that is probably not an issue.

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I believe I read a bit ago that this call is broken in the current version of BoA. Play with it a bit more, and if you can't get it to work, send the standard bug report to Jeff (e-mail with text description of bug, the scen attached and instructions as to how to replicate the bug).

I say that you should do this only as a community service, because it would be nice to have it fixed for the next version of BoA and I don't know that anyone has mentioned this to Jeff yet. There is a workaround, using string manipulation (append_string whatever, append_number whatever, append_string whatever, and then print_str_color, which does work).

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As Jeff said in this thread, to get it to work, replace print_big_str_color with print_big_str_num.

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