Problems designing stairs

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AuthorTopic: Problems designing stairs
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I'm trying to make stairs that go down in the middle of a town. I have copied the stairs used in town #5 in VoDT but It doesn't look the same in my version. The stairs in town #5 end in blackness which looks better then my version. My version ends in a wall which looks a little glitchy.

My version is in town #1 in

I've copied it as well as I can from VoDT and I can't figure out what I've done wrong.
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Use terrain #1, "Blackness", at the end of your stairs. That's what the stairs you copied do, although it's hard to tell (I figured it out by drawing cave floor all over the Solid Stone, and some of the black area didn't seem to disappear. That's Blackness terrain, probably designed for this purpose).

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Thank you :)
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