Dialouge stopping in mid conversation

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AuthorTopic: Dialouge stopping in mid conversation
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For some reason, the words, "The conversation ends" appear even though dialouge has just started! This is really odd. This is the first node of the conversation of the person which automaticaly ends converstation, even though no action END_TALK is used.
begintalknode 19;//Lone Person
state = -1;
nextstate = 10;
question = "Tracy";
code =
if (get_flag(75,0) > 0) {
} else {
text1 = "Someone is sitting here, alone, playing chess with himself.";
text2 = "Tracy looks at you happily, smileing.";

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In your code, the end call ends the dialog. You'd be far better off using something simpler, like:
code =
if (get_flag(75,0) > 0)

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