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My outdoor scripts are not functioning properly, and I think it may be because of my dialog boxes. Is there a functional difference between message_dialog and add_dialog_str (besides the option of the latter to add a choice)? If so, I can't understand what it is.
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Look at the "basic dialog box calls" section in the editor docs appendix. If you are going to use add_dialog_str, then you must use run_dialog(0 or 1) to make the box come up, and you should use reset_dialog() before all the add_dialog_str calls to clear away all of your old dialog boxes.

EDIT: Realized that perhaps I should explain that message_dialog is sort of like a quick and easy dialog box, with no choices for the player. Any dialog boxes you want to make more complicated (add/remove strings based on what has/hasn't happened, give the party more choices, have a message more than 510 characters long), you'll have to do manually with add_dialog_str and whatnot. See the appendix for details. Also realized that I'm a journeyman now! :D

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Thank you! I knew about the choices, but I realize my problem was that I was trying to use message_dialog in a conditional statement.
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