Various observations relating to debug mode

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AuthorTopic: Various observations relating to debug mode
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First of all, Shift-G does nothing, but it should toggle the walk-through-walls ability (at least according to the documentation.)

Secondly, the probability of hitting gets far, far lower when debug is fully on (in script and }='d) for some reason. When turned (half) off, the chance of hitting seems to get higher. Wouldn't a BoE hit-in-one behaviour make more sense?

Thirdly, if you're debugging a scenario, there's a good chance you'll be reloading the scenario very often. That dialog box about debug mode soon gets annoying.

Another nice feature would be a BoE-style "monster stasis" mode, where monsters don't move or attack, say, togglable with a key-combination.

Finally, I think a new function is in order; Make Shift+V act like BoE Magic Map, as in it reveals the entire map.


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Apparently still annoying.
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